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Apr 02 2018 10:50am    Comments: 0    Categories: Chamber News      Tags: atc  

The Talbot County Chamber received this note regarding the Chmaber's opposition to

privatizing the Air Traffic Control System:


Good Afternoon,


I wanted to thank you all very much for your support on our recent letter. Recently, due in large part to the

massive outreach from supporters like yourselves, the push in Congress to privatize the nation's air traffic

control (ATC) system has ended.


Over the last couple of years, Mayors and local elected officials, farmers and small business owners, airport

managers even consumer advocates and national security experts from all across the conutry have spoken

out against the effort to privatize ATC.


Here is the final letter for you records: Group Letter on Privatization


General aviation is a key part of state and local economies which are crirtical to the success of local

businesses and communities throughout the country. Thank you all again for your effort and time on this issue.


Have a wonderful weekend!




Josh Grossman

Alliance for Aviation Across America

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