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Young Professionals

Young Professionals of Talbot County

What We're All about

Bringing together the talents & insights of emerging young professionals (YPs), ages 21-40, in or doing business in Talbot County is what YPs is all about. Brought to you by the The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce. YP is simply a network of young professionals - a dynamic & diverse group of peers with a passion for making a difference...a willingness to learn...the desire to build important relatioships...& the energy to get involved in the community.


Too often, YPs don't feel like they have a place or voice in business meetings or in the community. Through the programs & resources delivered by YP, young professionals will have more opportuities to develop professionally, get connected & shine.


The Realities


Let's face it. Every community is competing for the best & brightest in young talent. YPs have many opportunities in front of them. A community influenced by YPs is a community that can attract & retain them. YP creates an environment of connection, diretion & education. YP gives young professionals an outlet to effect change in the community & to work hand-in-hand with business & community leaders.


YP programs bring in "real people" talking about "real issues" important to YPs. From networking to economic development & leadership to enterpreneurship, YP programs introsuce young professionals to area leaders & experts in their fields to offer first-hand, first-rate info.


YP is all bout you - getting engaged with business & the future of the region through networking, the exchange of ideas & professional development.


Get Involved


If you are intersted in adding you name to the contact list to receive regular emails from The Chamber annoucing upcoming programs and events and other infromation specifically targeted to young profesionals, emails, You will begin to:




All YP events are focused on professional or personal development. Often presented by young professionals, these programs are quick-paced & discussion-based to encourage active participation from the audience. Not all programs may be what you are looking for. That's why YP offers programs throughout the years; some will fit your development needs. These events also tap you into what's happening int he comminity & give you a "heads-up" on what's going on in the region.




Most YP programs feature a networking component to encourage you to make connections that are vital to your personal & business success. Connect not only with other young professionals but also influential business & community leaders. To make things happens, you need to build those all-important relatioships. Let YP be the vehicle to facilitate those connections. Get in front of the area's top leaders & become part of the engine to make good things happen.



Strengthen the influence you have with your employer and within the community. YP is the enabler. It's up to you to make it happen. if you want a voice in decision-making, a first step is getting activity involoved with YP and the community. Cities in the region look to YP as a resources when they are looking for you professionals to sit on various boards & committees. Brush up on your skills & use the opportunities offered by YP to connect with peers & the "movers and shakers" in the area. Opportunity knocks with YP... Are you willing to answer?


Mission Statment


To develop, connect, empower and retain young professionals through increased opportunities and resources to enhance their professional development and business success within the region.




  • To broaden the professional skills & knowlesge of area young professionals.
  • To better connect young professionals in the business community/Chamber.
  • To increase opportunites & foster relationships to invilve & empower young professionals in the progress of the region.
  • To attract & retain young professionals to this region.
  • Enhance the area quality of life.



There is no fee to be a part of the young professionals; your business must be a Talbot County Chamber of Commerce member. Fees may be charged for certain events/programs.


For comments or additional information on YP, contact Kristin Lockerman at 410.924.5244 or email:




  • Monthly YP Board Meeting - second Friday each month-these meetings are attended by YP Board Members & open to all interested TPs
  • Monthly Luncheons on the third Wednesday each month - various locations & speakers
  • Talbot Interfaith Shelter - organize volunteers for the 29th of each month
  • Quarterly Industry Tours & Dinners - Varios businesses of interest
  • Annual Young Professionals Informational Luncheon - Wednesday, 2.28.18
  • Organize and run Potato Race for Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, 3.17.18
  • Paddle jam - Saturday, 5.23.17
  • Annual Pumpkin Carving for elementary students
  • Toys For tots campaign - includes various content that may change year to year
  • Easton Holiday Parade Float - First Saturday of December
  • Annual Toys for tots Luncheon - Wednesday, December 12, 2018, Tidewater Inn
  • Recruit volunteers for Easton Elementary CarePacks, 3 times a year
  • Mixers as scheduled



We have two important goals:  To help you form lasting friendships through networking within the group, community and the Chamber of Commerce and to give back to the community through fundraising and volunteer efforts.  All of this is done through several committees that work hard to make sure events are planned and volunteer projects are covered.  

Luncheons/Mixers/Entertainment Committee:  This committee can consist of as many YP’s as necessary to keep up with the luncheon and mixer schedule.  Responsibilities include coordinating luncheons, mixers and other fun activities with restaurant and speakers.

Volunteer Committee:  This committee is responsible for coordinating with local programs for the YP’s to volunteer as a group.  Responsibilities include contacting various businesses and non-profit organizations within the community that are in need of group volunteers.

Public Relations Committee:  This committee is responsible for communications to our members and the public.  Responsibilities include assisting with press releases for the Chamber and Young Professional’s newsletters, and the Star Democrat.  Assisting the Chamber’s marketing director with the newsletter and social media postings.

There is no fee to join the Young Professionals Group.  Luncheons, mixers and other events may have fees.  If you are between the ages of 21 and 40, or young at heart you are welcome to join us.  Visit our website at for more information and scheduled events.

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